Our Curriculum

The overall goal of the Kidiwise curriculum is to ensure children grow up as competent, creative, confident learners and communicators, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they are able to interact capably socially with their peers, teachers and adults.

We recognise children as unique individuals who each learn in their own special way. Our curriculum concentrates on child focused learning encouraging children to take responsibility for their own learning. Our teachers make the resources available, follow the children's interests, and help them along the way with their physical, mental and emotional development. Other important skills children develop in readiness for school are turn taking, social interaction with their peers, word and number identification, writing and drawing skills. Learning should be fun. At Kidiwise we integrate learning into fun educational learning experiences. These experiences are designed to encourage children to focus and concentrate, the two fundamental elements for learning.

Here are a few examples:

  • Weekly science lessons in our designated science room
  • Regular mat times with reading, singing and movements
  • Biking around the centre and developing the confidence to ride without training wheels
  • Weekly bush walks through the two acres of native bush surrounding our centre where there are mud slides and a climbing net, challenging the children's co-ordination, motor skills and agility
  • Regular art and craft learning experiences¬†- encouraging writing and creative skills
  • Learning to count, shapes and numbers by building objects with the many resources we have available
  • Learning how to cook with our interactive kitchen
  • Planting vegetables in the vegetable garden
  • Learning to ride and care for the miniature pony
  • Developing water confidence in our onsite spa pool
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