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Front Office

Anna Rutten

Owner / Overseer
Mother to one and stepmum to three children
Bachelor of Laws

Kidiwise was started by myself and my son, Joss, in February 2010. It has since doubled in size and developed into a Centre children love coming to - there's never a dull moment! I believe Kidiwise provides a top notch environment for your child to develop fully educationally, socially and physically with age appropriate sensitivity."

Courtney Martelli

Operations Manager
Mother to two children (one at Kidiwise)
Registered, Bach. Teaching (ECE), First Aid Certificate

I have been working at Kidiwise for over nine years. Being able to share the great outdoors at Kidiwise with children is something I love. My vision is to support children in developing their strengths and dispositions and to scaffold them through their journey to becoming competent, confident, lifelong learners. I strongly believe in children’s rights and that they should be heard and recognised for their individual strengths."

Zoe Brown

Partner to Joss, Anna's son

Hi - I'm looking after the office admin for six months while Eren is on parental leave. Fresh from working on a small super yacht in Australia and with previous admin experience, I'm excited about helping you and your children where I can to ensure your journey through Kidiwise is a smooth and rewarding one. I love animals and the outdoors and wholeheartedly believe in the Kidiwise philosophy of learning through moving.

Nestlings ( 3 months + )

Ezza Jasnih

Team Leader Nestlings
Mother to two children
Registered, Bach. Teaching ECE, Dip. Tourism, First Aid Certificate

I love working with Annie and Darrielle. Its great having a large outdoor play area for our babies at Kidiwise. People say I am a natural baby teacher.

Annie Evans

Mother to two children
Registered, Bach. Teaching (ECE), First Aid Certificate

"I am originally from the Solomon Islands and moved here 21 years ago with my husband. I come from a very close knit family background that values children and where family and communities and very important. I believe loving the child is the first step when teaching.."

Darrielle Batchelor-Hirama


"All children deserve the chance to have fun and be kids. "I believe it is important for our tamariki to learn in a well supported, safe enviroment and to explore and enjoy our great outdoors"

Moreporks ( 2 to 3 years )

Amy Cottle

Team Leader Moreporks
Mother to one child (at Kidiwise)
Registered. Bach Tchng ECE

"I love the natural environment, animals and spa pool at Kidiwise and the endless opportunities we can give to our children to challenge them to think, concentrate, learn and be creative".

Christina (Yuhua) Wang

Mother to one child
Registered, Bach of Arts Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching (ECE) Graduate Diploma in Teaching (ECE)

I have worked as an English teacher in China for four years

Natallia Edwards

Mother to two children (one at Kidiwise)

"My vision for the children is to help them on their way to growing into independent, creative, confident learners and to give them a secure, nurturing environment to achieve this. I love each and every little one we have in the Moreporks"

Owls ( 3 to 4 years )

Linda Bench

Team Leader Owls
Mother to three children
Registered, Bachelor of Teaching (ECE), First Aid Certificate

I have worked extensively overseas in a variety of education centres specialising in early interventions. I endeavour to provide an environment where children develop skills and attitudes to be confident, competent learners, capable of making a positive impact in their own space and the worlds of others.

Jenna McCollum

Bach. of Teaching (Primary)

I'm a young enthusiastic teacher. Kidiwise ticks all the boxes for me with its wonderful unique facilities giving children the ability to extend themselves.

Julie Leaver

Mother to two children
Completed Course 1 of the Playcentre Diploma in Early Childhood and Adult Education

"I enjoy connecting with children through song, movement and through discovery and adventure in our unique, natural environment. Encouraging manners, caring for others, ourselves and our environment is important to me. Kidiwise's natural philosophy aligns with my personal beliefs "

Wise Owls ( 4 to 5 years )

Brianna Goodman

Team Leader Wise Owls (Shared)
Registered, Bach.Teaching (ECE), First Aid Certificate

"I enjoy working with young children, seeing them gain independence and skills to prepare for life. My passion is for young children learning and developing; guiding them through their early stages of development."

Ann Wester

Team Leader Wise Owls (Shared)
Mother to three children
Registered, Bach. Teaching (Primary)

I am a registered reliever and Kidiwise is my choice of Centres to work. I love being a part of the team and teaching in such a natural, challenging environment.

Johanna Juergensen

Wise Owls
A wonderful capable teacher aide

"Originally from Germany, with experience in childcare. I enjoy working with children and watching them learn about themselves, their environment and getting them school ready. Kidiwise reflects a lot of my values and beliefs; natural learning environment, free play and exploration of different cultures."

Support Staff

Alex McLeod

Support staff
Mother to three children (one at Kidiwise)
A Great Teacher Aide

I have moved back to Tauranga from Australia. I am enjoying the children, team, and teaching in the very special environment at Kidiwise.

Laurissa Irwin

Chef and van driver
Mother of two children
Cert in food and hygiene (pending)

I am excited and happy in my job here at Kidiwise. The low sugar and preservative free philosophy is in line with my healthy eating principles. I am passionate about educating and nurturing our future leaders and love watching them grow".

Sally Roach

Support Staff
Mother to three children
Qualified ECE Teacher

I'm a qualified ECE teacher awaiting renewal of my registration. I just love being a part of Kidiwise and all the facilities it has to offer to really give children the ability to challenge and extend themselves - the children seem so happy here.

Eren Stephens

Office Administrator
Mother to one child

I'm on parental leave until 4 February. "I have extensive office administrative experience. I am a young mother with one adorable son who loves Kidiwise. My new baby, Cora will join the Nestlings."

Come Join the Kidiwise Team

We are always on the lookout for registered and unregistered, active, passionate, sustainable conscious, friendly teachers - permanent and relieving positions. If this is you and you are keen to work in a very different stimulating Centre, please send us your CV with covering letter to info@kidiwise.co.nz