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Our fee structure

Kidiwise is open from 7.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

All snacks included, lunches (for up to 3 years), cloth nappies, van excursions, animals, spa pool dips, bush activities and van pick up and drop offs* are INCLUDED in the pricing.

The following fees are payable per child:

Under 3 years old

4. hour session - you pick the times

6 hour session $40.00 - you pick the times

Full Day 7.30am-5.30pm $50.00

School Day Week (30 Hour Week) 9am-3pm Monday to Friday $150.00

Full Week - up to 50 hours Monday to Friday $225.00







Over 3 years old

20 ECE hours per week - 3 x 6 hour days FREE

20 ECE hours per week - 5 x 4 hour days FREE

Full Day 7.30am-5.30pm $30.00

Full Week - up to 50 hours Monday to Friday $150.00*

*Full WINZ subsidies available – ask Jess in the office for a form.






  • Kidiwise offers flexi-days - this means you can swap your child's enrolled day to another within the week - provided sufficient notice is given and space is available.
  • Casual hours  are available to book online for enrolled children (see home page)
  • An enrolment fee of $30.00 is payable on enrolment at Kidiwise to cover the cost of the individual children's portfolios, personalised water proof bag and a ready for school bag.
  • A late fee of up to $6.00 (30 minutes) or $12.00 (one hour) may be charged on any occasion where my child is collected after 5.30pm or more than 30 minutes late. Session charges may apply to all age groups.
  • $15.00 charge will be made to any child collected up after 5.30pm.
  • Normal fees are charged for Public Holidays, absent or sick days to keep your enrolment open. A 50% discount is given for holidays provided two week's notice is given in writing that your child is going to be away. You are entitled to 15 days per annum - these holidays can be used for a 50% discount on Public holidays, absent or sick days. too.
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